Money Manager / Fund Manager

PAMM and other platforms

Rev Trading provides asset managing tools to Money Managers and Fund Managers as professional traders.

Profit Share Style

Money Manager/Fund Manager only trades AUM (asset under management) without any stress and distributes profit and loss according to the units of the participating investors.

In this case, investors cannot view open positions with the conventional system, but investors can view the direction and contract price of open positions using Rev Trading’s unique tool.

We have an environment that is more transparent and allows you to concentrate on trading.

Mirror Trade Style

In the case of conventional lot allocation systems, it is often the case that Money Managers / Fund Managers have experienced troubles when there is a mysterious bias in lot distribution or unexpected behavior such as participation of investors during open positions.

In addition, investors often cannot read the timing.

Rev Trading adopts the Mirror method to realize signal reception without lot bias.

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